How To Lift A Subject From An Image On iPhone

Lift subject from background

On iPhones running iOS 16 or later users have access to an amazing new feature that enables them to lift a subject from an image. Users can lift subjects from any image stored on their iPhone’s Photos library and drop it anywhere they like.

The ability to lift subject from a background is not limited to the Photos app, as you can also take advantage of this feature in screenshots, Quick Look, Safari and other apps.

How lifting subjects from background works is pretty simple yet amazing. iOS lifts the subject from image by isolating it and removing it from the background.

This whole process is similar to how you can remove the background from a subject in Photoshop using the Magic Wand Tool. While that requires quite a bit of skill and time with Photoshop on iOS it is as easy as tapping your finger on the screen.

Lift subject from background

Step 1. Open Photos or any other app where this feature works and load up the image you want to lift subject from background.

Step 2. Once the image is loaded tap and hold on the subject that you want to remove background off.

Step 3. After the subject gets highlighted and is lifted from the image keep holding it with your finger. Using another finger return to the home screen and launch the app such as Notes where you want to drop the subject.

Lift a subject on iPhone

Step 4. Bring your first finger where you want to drop the subject and let go. The subject will not be added to the second app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I lift subject from any image on iPhone?

Answer: Yes, you can use the subject lifting feature on any image stored on your iPhone. You can lift subjects as long as subject is well defined in the image and iOS is able to isolate it from background.

Question: Can I lift subject on iPhone from image downloaded from web?

Answer: Yes you can also lift subjects from images downloaded from web. Moreover you can also lift subjects sent to you by your friends over iMessage, Mail, WhatsApp etc.

Question: Where can I paste or drop subjects lifted from images?

Answer: You can drop subjects you have lifted from images anywhere on iOS. This includes Notes, Messages, Mail, Safari and more.

There you have it folks, this is how you can lift subjects from background and drop it wherever you like.

You need to be running iOS 16 or later and iPadOS 16 or later in order to use this feature.

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