How to manage multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone or iPad

repost-instagram-photosInstagram is one of the most popular social networking applications out there and we can’t use anything except the word simple to describe it. When something is too easy to use and extremely simple, it will definitely require you to use third-party applications to add additional features to it. Yes, we are talking specifically about Instagram and its lacked of features. I sometimes wish the Instagram developers can add functionality like muting a follower but still continue to follow that person or reposting a picture without using Repost application from the App Store.

Those are just a few examples, another good one is the ability to use and manage multiple accounts. Of course, the traditional way is easy too but it require you to log out and then log back in with different credentials. It takes time and good typing skills if you have to switch back and forth between accounts many times on a daily basis.

We have found a solution to this problem, which will let you manage multiple accounts on Instagram along with copying caption, click on links, and repost pictures. All in one tweak called igSpeedster.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts with ease


igSpeedster is a free jailbreak tweak that combine several long requested features for Instagram that still doesn’t exist yet within the official application and put it into one package. This means that you don’t need to download any third-party apps or install a couple of tweaks on Cydia to get further features for Instagram.

This tweak will provide the following:

  • Add/Remove multiple accounts
  • Copy someone’s caption
  • Repost in app
  • Click on posted links
  • and much more

grid-view-feed-instagramigSpeedster also help with cleaning up your feed by removing unnecessary items such as the timestamp, likes, username, and turn the home stream into a grid view. This way you can see more photos in less time. Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad can download igSpeedster for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once the trial period is over, you can pay whatever amount you like for it.

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