How To Manage Your Child’s Contact List On iPhone Using Parental Controls

Commnication limits iOS 13.3

Commnication limits iOS 13.3

Today when parents seem to be worried about their children using smartphones extensively, Apple is taking steps to give them more control over how and when their children use their devices. And if you are an iPhone user you should be glad enough to have an edge over other smartphone users. 

iOS 13.3 update is just we always needed to deal with this dilemma as it improves iOS’s ability to give more control to parents. It helps parents to control who their kids can talk to along with complete guidelines when and how they can do it. 

In this article we will show you how you can manage your child’s contact list and remove people from their iPhone contacts so they can no longer communicate with them.

Here is what and how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings and then Screen Time
  • Tap on children under Apple family
  • On their devices, you can set up Screen Time control
  • Find Communication Limits option
  • Select ‘Everyone’ or choose who you want your kids to communicate with via FaceTime, iCloud Contacts or Messages during your kid’s allowed Screen Time. 
  • When your kid has used the daily limit, under Downtime you can select who can contact your kids. 

Edit Your Kid’s ‘Contact List’ For More Control: 

If you don’t like any of your kid’s contact and don’t want them to communicate with your child, simply edit their contact list and remove a contact from it. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to their profile on Screen Time
  • Choose Manage (a specific) Contact and then go to the contact’s name
  • Approve this request on your child’s device
  • Now, edit their contacts by simply adding or deleting people

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  1. I don’t want my kid to call a specific contact certain times. Can I disable the phone from calling the number without removing the contact?

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