How To Rearrange Homescreen Icons To Stock Layout On iPhone Or iPad

If you have messed up the layout of your iPhone or iPad’s homescreen and want to get the stock layout back, then we have got a simple and quick tip for you. Turns out there is a dedicated homescreen reset setting in the iOS Settings app that makes it possible for users to get the stock look of the homescreen back without having to spend several minutes recreating the layout.

Rearrange homescreen icons to stock layout

To access the handy option simply follow the steps below.

1. Open Settings app and go to General.

2. On the General screen scroll down all the way to the end and tap on ‘Reset‘ option.

3. Once you are on the Reset page tap on the ‘Reset Home Screen Layout‘ option.

This will rearrange the app icons on the homescreen to the layout that your iPhone had when you first set it up. All the stock app icons will be placed on the first and second page while the third-party app icons will be placed after them.

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