Movesum App Compares Burnt Calories With Food To Help You Walk More

If you find it hard to quantify the exercise you do, or lack motivation then Movesum is the app you should try. This app motivates users to walk more by comparing the number of steps they have taken with the amount of food they have burnt. The app brings a new concept to the step-counting and fitness genre and makes the tracking more fun for the users.

How Movesum works is pretty simple. The app takes the number of steps you have walked on a particular day and calculates the calories you have burnt. The app takes this data from iOS’s Health app, so it is pretty accurate. It then compares the amount of calories burnt with different food items such as hamburgers, beer, blueberries and more. So if you have walked over 12,000 steps and burnt 380 calories, the app will tell you that you just burnt calories equal to a full hamburger.

Comparison with food isn’t the only fun feature of the Movesum app as users can also get more information about their activity, set daily goals and achieve 7-day streaks, which boosts motivation to do more. Users can also enable notifications to stay on track.

You can download the Movesum app from the App Store for free. In addition to iPhone the app also has a native app for watchOS. An iMessage app is also available when you download Movesum.

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