How To Remove Settings Notification Badge For Apple Pay Set Up

If you use Apple Pay on your iPhone, then you know how convenient this payment service is. However if you don’t, then you might have noticed that iOS constantly reminds you to set it up by displaying a red notification badge on the Settings app. You also get a finish setting up option on the very top of the Settings app. All this can be very annoying.

Thankfully there’s an easy way of getting rid of the seemingly permanent set up reminder. To get rid of it simply launch Settings app and tap on the ‘Set Up Apple Pay’ option. When the set up process begins tap on the Cancel button or tapping on the Set Up Later In Wallet. Once you tap on these options the red notification badge will immediately disappear.

And just like that you can fix a super annoying issue from your iPhone. After following the steps mentioned above you will not get the reminder to set up Apple Pay and Settings app will not show a badge, at least not for this particular reason.

If you set up your iPhone as a new device and the notification badge reappears, you can follow the same steps to get rid of it. (via)

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