How to set a video loop as your Facebook profile picture on iPhone

Facebook profile video iPhone

Facebook is rolling out a brand new feature for its users, which allows them to set a short video loop as their profile picture on the social networking site. As of right now you can only use the official Facebook app to set a video as your display picture, and the feature is rolling out gradually to users worldwide. So if you don’t get the option to set video on your profile, then wait for Facebook to activate it for your account. To check if profile video loop feature has been activated for you and to set a video as your profile picture, follow the steps below.

How to set a video loop as your Facebook profile picture using iPhone

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch launch the official Facebook app. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. From the button bar hit the ‘More’ button and then tap on your name, to open your profile page.

Now look at your profile picture, if the edit button is showing icons for normal and video cameras interchangeably, then you have got the new feature. Tap on this edit button. If the button is idle then the feature is not available for your account yet.

From the menu tap on the ‘Upload Video or Photo’ or if you want to record a new one then ‘Take a new Profile Video’ option.

Select the video you want to choose from the camera roll and then hit the ‘Next’ button. Now Facebook will ask you to choose a thumbnail for your profile video, choose the one you find most suitable and hit ‘Save’.

That’s it! Now your Facebook profile will have a profile video loop that will animate like a GIF whenever someone opens your Facebook profile.

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