How To Tell If An iPhone User Has Blocked You

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Getting blocked by someone can be frustrating. It can be even more frustrating when you can’t tell if an iPhone user has blocked you or not.

In this article, we have shared ways that will help you determine if someone has blocked your number on your iPhone.

Send an iMessage or Text message

You can quickly tell that someone has blocked your number on their iPhone by sending them an iMessage through the Messages app. If your iMessage is delivered to their device, then you are not blocked. However, if you see the red text that says ‘Not Delivered’ along with an exclamation mark, then it suggests you might be blocked by the other user.

While messages not getting delivered can indicate that your number is blocked by the other user, there are other reasons why this error might appear such as the other person’s iMessage is turned off or not working for some reason.

You can also try sending the iPhone user an SMS. When you send an SMS it will get delivered if you are not blocked while you will get a ‘Not Delivered’ error if your number is blocked by the other user.

In case the other person has an iPhone and your SMS is being sent as an iMessage (with a Blue bubble), then tap on the exclamation mark and then tap on the ‘Send as Text Message’ option.

Call them

If you are unable to determine whether someone has blocked your number on their iPhone or not through iMessage or SMS, then you can go old school and straight up call them.

If your call goes through and the call rings even if the other person does not pick up, then your number is not blocked. However, if your call only rings once and then the call goes straight to voicemail, then your number is blocked by the other user.

Try FaceTiming them

When an iPhone user blocks you they can no longer receive FaceTime calls from you. If you have tried iMessage, SMS, and calling it is also worth trying to FaceTime them. If the FaceTime call goes through and they pick up your call, then you are not blocked. However, if your FaceTime call does not go through or no one picks up from the other end, then your number and/or Apple ID is blocked by them.

Try calling from a different phone number

A great way to find out if someone has blocked your phone number on their iPhone is by calling them with a different phone number. You can use your number or borrow a friend’s phone and make the phone call.

If the call rings from the other number but it does not ring from your very own, then you are blocked from calling them.

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