How To Turn Off Siri On macOS


After more than half a decade later Apple finally brought its virtual assistant Siri to the Mac. Right after installing macOS Sierra on their machines macOS users saw the Siri icon in the dock as well as in the menu bar. By putting its icons everywhere Apple sure is trying to persuade users to try this new feature. While many users are finding Siri for Mac to be useful, others don’t seem to be impressed and won’t be using it. If you are part of that second group of people and want to get rid of Siri and its icons from your Mac, then we have got you covered. Follow the steps below in order to turn off Siri on macOS. Turning off Siri is a fairly simple process and you will be done in a few clicks.

Disable Siri and Remove its Icons

1 ) On your Mac launch System Preferences.

2 ) Now click on the ‘Siri’ icon from the fourth row.

3 ) Next under the big Siri icon you will see the ‘Enable Siri’ checkmark. Simply uncheck it.


4 ) Now that Siri is disabled on your Mac its menu bar icon will disappear, however the dock icon will remain. Now click on Siri’s dock icon and drag it to your desktop. It will then be removed from the dock.

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