Can You Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication On iPhone Or iPad?

Turn off Two Factor Authentication iPhone

Turn off Two Factor Authentication iPhone

If you are looking for a way to turn off two-factor authentication on iPhone or iPad, then we are here to help. In this article you will learn if you can disable two-factor authentication on your iPhone or not.

The two-factor authentication is an important security feature that is available on almost every online account today. In fact it is an essential feature that should not be disabled on any online account let alone an Apple ID, which contains very sensitive data and access to your iOS devices. That’s why we strongly recommend that you turn on two-factor authentication on Apple ID in case you have not done it already.

Having said that there are many reasons why someone would want to turn off two-factor authentication on his or her Apple account. May be you share an Apple ID with someone and don’t want to deal with sharing the authentication code again and again. Or perhaps you have a throwaway Apple ID that you only use for downloading apps from international App Stores. Whatever you reason may be, this guide will help you to turn off two-factor authentication on iPhone or iPad.

What is two-factor authentication on Apple ID?

The two-factor authentication is a security feature that is available to all Apple account users. This features allows users to add an extra layer of security to their Apple ID as whenever someone tries to log into your account it will send a unique code to your trusted iPhone, iPad or Mac. The user has to enter this unique code before he or she is granted access to the Apple ID.

Since authentication is sent only to a trusted account or phone number it makes it very hard for hackers to log into a hacked Apple account, even if they have its correct username and password. Having two-factor authentication enabled can save your Apple ID from getting hacked and your sensitive information from getting stolen.

Apple does not enable this feature on all Apple accounts, and leaves it up to its users to manually enable it if they want to enjoy extra layer of security on their account.

So can you turn off two-factor authentication?

Well kind of. Unfortunately Apple does not allow users to turn off two-factor authentication on their Apple ID. This means once you have enabled the feature you can no longer turn it off. Apple says this is for user’s own safety and security, as not having this feature on their account puts their privacy and security at risk.

There’s just one way of turning off two-factor authentication and it only works within 2 weeks of turning the feature on.

How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication On iPhone

Apple only allows users to turn off this feature within 2 weeks of activating it. After this you can no longer disable it on your account.

If you have recently turned on two-factor authentication on your account, specifically in the past 2 weeks then open your email account. There look for your enrolment confirmation email. In this email you will find the link that you can click to return to your previous security settings.

However if it has been longer than 2 weeks, you can no longer disable this feature.

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