Unlock iPad without touching the screen using a Bluetooth keyboard

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When it comes to tricks related to iOS there’s nothing we love more than the ones that do not require any extra tweak or hack to be installed and work without much effort from the user. One particular trick related to the iPad has been recently discovered by FinerThingsInTech that falls well in this description.

iPad is a great device for working on documents while you are on the go. The device becomes even better when you attach a Bluetooth keyboard to it. By using a Bluetooth keyboard on your iPad you can type without touching the display. However if your screen gets locked you have to touch the screen in order to use slide to unlock or to enter the passcode, which can be a bit annoying.

Now there is a way that you can use to unlock your device without touching the iPad.

How this works is pretty simple. Make sure you have passcode feature turned on. Now whenever your device gets locked while the keyboard is attached simply enter the passcode after which the screen will turn on and device will get unlocked without the need of entering the code manually or performing slide to unlock.

It is a neat trick that does the job and works every time. It is a great tip for those who use a Bluetooth keyboard accessory on their device.


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