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Use QuickTime to record screen of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8

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Use QuickTime to record screen of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8


iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite brings a really useful feature that allows you to record the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is a native feature that does not require you to have any third party app or a jailbroken device. Apple has added the support of this feature to QuickTime for OS X Yosemite. You can record the screen of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in a simple way. This feature is designed especially for the developers as a video demo of their apps can be more powerful than the static screenshots.

It is also very handy if you want to show someone how to achieve a task or if you want to show gameplay of a game.

Here’s what you need to record screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 8:

  • A Mac running OS X Yosemite or later.
  • An iOS device running iOS 8 or later.
  • Lightning Cable (the cable that comes with iOS devices)

Follow the simple steps below to record the screen of your iOS device.

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac via a Lightning Cable.
  2. Open the QuickTime app.quick-time-iphone-screen-recording
  3. Go to File and select ‘New Movie Recording’.quick-time-iphone-screen-recording-2
  4. A recording window will appear. You will a see little arrow for drop down menu in front of the record button. Click that arrow and select your iPhone.
  5. Select the Mic of your iPhone if you want to record music, app/game sounds.quick-time-iphone-screen-recording-3
  6. Click the Record button. Now perform the tasks on your iOS device that you want to record.
  7. Once done tap the stop button and save the video.
  8. Done!

So that is how you can record the screen of your iOS device running iOS 8 through a Mac. Let us know of your thoughts about this feature in comments below.

  • Tony K

    Hi, may i ask whether any setting needs on Mac? I can’t find my ipad or iphone in QuickTime Players. Thanks!

    • Mehul

      facing same problem

      • Tab Boo!

        Are you guys on iOS 7 or 8? It didn’t find it either on iOS 7 for me but worked when updated to iOS 8.

    • Joey Sammarco

      You must go to itunes and fix the setting “automatically sync to itunes when plugged in” Then you should be good.

      • Joey Sammarco

        undo that setting*

    • i’ve the same problem! Some problem with the versions??

  • Knace88

    Am I the only one having issue that quicktime automatically trims my video to 12 sec? I can record for 30 sec or 5 min but when I press stop, the only recording I’m left with is the 12 first seconds.

    • Andrey

      I have the same problem and could not find a solution. Any ideas?

    • Cristian

      Same issue for me and no solution…

  • Yanekin Skywalker

    Hello. I’ve got a problem with my iPad. Every time I hook it to my mac and try to set it to screen recording with quick time player, the iPad suddenly diengages itself from my mac and then reconnects with it but somehow incorrectly. iTunes and photo downloader show it connected but the iPad shows that it has full battery (but really he isn’t full) and doesn’t show charging like it should and when I cick to record, the quicktime acts like he is recording the screen of the mac but he’s not recording anything. I act as I was instructed to record screen from my device but this iPad plays coy with me and I cannot report it to Apple by any possible way. I know it’s because of iOS 8 cause from the very moment I installed it my iPad cannot remain connected to one of my mac’s USB’s (it connects, then disconnets, then connects back and over and over and over) so I hook it to my other USB and it works fine with iTunes and photo downloader but somehow disconnects every time I try to record its screen. It cannot be problem neither of my mac’s USB because all other devices (flashdiscs and my iPhone 4 with iOS 7) work fine, and neither the iPad Ligtning slot or the cable because they work fine while charging so I bet there’s something wrong with iOS 8 because once with iOS 5 there was a bug in the system that negatively affected the battery life. Is there any way anyone could help me???

    • AndrewG

      Perhaps you could reset settings within the iPad, or do a soft reset (press both the power and home buttons simultaneously). If that fails, I’d recommend doing a clean install of iOS 8. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Zach

    Hi, thanks for the article, super helpful. If I want the video to be a portrait view in the App Store (the video is for an App Preview video), do I need to record anything differently?

  • Thanks!

  • TAKE

    Hi.I have a question.
    Can I record my Jailbroken iphone(IOS7.1) screen?

    • swag

      Nah you’d have to restore to 8.1.1 cuz this is iOS 8 only. But I just tried and it works perfectly fine with a jailbroken phone.

    • 222Bleach222

      If your jailbroken just download a package in cydia

  • bob

    this works great but it won’t record sound for me… any ideas?

  • Oana Filip

    Great article, thanks for sharing! However, I think things could be easier w/ AppDemoStore. They allow you to easily record screenshots and create an interactive demo for your app, iOS and Android as well. Also, you can embed it into your own article and start sharing it with the world. If there’s someone around here who would love to play with this great tool, just let me know. Cheers!

    • Ian

      It’s not free, that’s the problem. I use this for work to show testing of online forms (local government) where there isn’t a budget to buy products. This is perfect for our needs.

  • Jessa

    Not every human on Earth has a Mac. You do know that some people don’t have $5,000 ( or however much it costs) to just throw around, right? In all this was not helpful at all to me just because I don’t have a Mac.

    • jan

      Moron. you can buy a new mac about 5-600 dollar. You’re silly.

      • Red

        You cant say that , not all country have same Tax you know … at my country Apple stuff getting a high Tax so if u wanna buy it u need to prepare x3 then the normal price that u see at online .. not yet included the seller a shop trying to get thier share ,,, so at the end u buying it at x4 then normal price ……

    • Jimmy Kimmel

      Mac does not cost 5000 $ . Where are you from ?
      A good MacBook will cost you around 1500 $.

    • Red

      ah i guess we came from same noob country my iphone 4s cost me 600+ dollar a 3 month salary ,…… try getting Mac ??? gonna go on diet for couple of year !!

  • Jean-Paul Bagot

    Trying to record my iOS device and I do not see my device name in Quicktime. Could it be because I use a 30 pin? If that is the case I won’t be able to record my device as I do not have lightning.

  • Calum Barr

    didnt work for me ipad name didnt pop up

  • loke willett

    Like willett

  • Jakesploder

    how can i do this with ios7

  • Peter Fidzinski

    Hi, i try to record my iPhone yesterday got iOS 8.3 on my iphone5 and OS X Yosemite on my Mac, when I click new movie recording it go straight to my Mac camera, and I can’t see my iPhone in drop down menu. Please help

  • John Colban

    As of new updates today to iTunes and Mac, this broke.

  • it doensnt work

    • dmbhatti

      Use a Lightning cable (the new one). Older cables dont work.

  • Carlos Mendieta

    hello! i have an iphone 4s, but it does not has the lightning cable, is the previos version of that one, can i record my screen with the old cable?

    • jeffcard

      Quicktime record function need the lightning cable, if you need to record your iPhone 4s, this app “acethinker iphone recorder” might help you.

      • Carlos Mendieta

        Thank you!!

  • Karen Sanderson

    Get passed level 86

  • jessy leiva

    THANK YOU! Extremely grateful for this article. So simple! I often forget that every little icon in an app serves a purpose and therefore should be explored.

  • Felicity Rain

    It just won’t work. I’ve done everything but the option still won’t show up. I’m really mad >.<

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