Use Siri to quickly do currency conversion on your iPhone or iPad (tip)

Siri Currency conversion

Ever since its debut along with iPhone 4S and iOS 5 Siri has improved a lot. With every iOS release Apple adds new capabilities to world’s most popular personal digital assistant making it more useful for the users. There are so many things Siri can do that it can be hard to remember and take advantage them all. One such thing is its ability to do currency conversion. You can actually ask Siri to convert an amount of money from one currency to another.

Normally, you would need to launch an app to do currency conversion or use Google or any other website. With Siri you can do so without much effort, by simply asking. Siri takes its information from Wolfram Alpha and lists the information in an attractive manner. It supports almost every currency being used on the planet. For several currencies Siri also shows exchange rate history for the past months provided this information is available on Wolfram Alpha. At the end of its response it also shows a list of additional currency conversions for most popular currencies of the world.

So how do you do the conversion? Well it is dead simple. All you have to do is say the right phrase, such as “Convert 500 US Dollars in British Pounds”. The phrase does not have to be same as you can use any variant you like as long as it is in understandable English (or any other localized Siri supported language for that matter).

Some of the phrases that work are:

  • “How much are 200 pounds in USD?”
  • “200 pounds in USD”
  • “How many USD 200 pounds make?” and more.

If you are having pronunciation issues then you can always type your Siri query.

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