How to make WhatsApp message text bold, italic or strikethrough

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WhatsApp recently received a major update that brought ability to share PDF files and adding attachments from different cloud services. The popular messaging app has also gained another feature that many users will find useful. Now in WhatsApp you can make your message text Bold, Italic as well as strikethrough before sending it in a single or group chat. The ability to style text like this is great for better communication, as you can stress your point by making a message bold or similarly use italics or strikethrough styling to make your message more understandable and standout, especially in group chats.

How to make WhatsApp message text bold, italic and strikethrough

  • To make text bold all you need to do is write the message like this, with asterisks on either side: *This text will be bold*
  • To make it appear in italics you will write like this, with underscores on either side: _This text will be in italics_
  • To add a strikethrough line in your text type tulde on either side: ~Add a strikethrough line in this text~
  • WhatsApp even lets you combine the three styles by typing like this: *_~This text will be bold, italic and with strikethrough line~_*
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