How To See Wi-Fi Passwords Of Networks Connected To iPhone or iPad

See Wi-Fi Passwords iPhone

If you are looking for the password of a Wi-Fi network that was connected to iPhone or iPad, then we are here to help. In this tutorial you will learn how to see Wi-Fi passwords of networks connected to your iOS device.

Overwhelmed with multiple Wi-Fi connected to your iPhone or iPad? Well, it is normal to feel when you have to connect with more than one, two, or even three Wi-Fi networks. Most people use the iCloud Keychain or password manager app to remember the passwords of these networks. 

But what if you have bought a new device, need to connect to the Wi-Fi network but have forgotten the password? By the end of this tutorial you will know how to extract password of Wi-Fi that is connected to your iPhone.

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How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords Of Network Connected To iPhone

So, open your Mac go to ‘Finder’ and read on to find out how to see the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad. 

  1. Open Finder and click Applications from the side pane
  2. Go to the Utilities folder
  3. Double click ‘Keychain Access’ and open it
  4. On the top left under ‘Keychains’ click on ‘iCloud’
  5. On the left bottom under ‘Category’ click on ‘Passwords’See Wi-Fi Passwords iPhone
  6. Now find the Wi-Fi network you want to see the password for. Or simply sort by name – if you remember.
  7. After finding the network, double-click on the network 
  8. Check the box next to ‘Show Password’ in the pop-up window
  9. Here you will be asked for the ‘Keychain’ password. Enter the password and click ‘OK’
  10. You can see the password in the network windowSee Wi-Fi Passwords iPhone

And that’s it. was this mini-tutorial helpful in finding a Wi-Fi password for you? Share with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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