New iOS 13 Concept Envisions Finder On iPad With Improved Multitasking

With the release of iOS 13 beta right around the corner fans are coming up with exciting ideas on how Apple could improve the user experience for iPad users and make the device more capable. Daniel Korpai has posted his vision for ‘Finder for iPad’ which takes the Files app on iPad to a whole different level.

In the concept the Files app features support for external hard drives, making it possible for iPad Pro users to connect a USB-C based external hard drive to their tablet and copy files onto their iPad. External hard drive support isn’t the only feature showcased in the concept that has got us excited, it also shows a new and more advanced multitasking that enables users to have multiple apps running side by side and allow them to drag and drop multiple files from one app to another for easier copy and paste. In the concept users can run more than three apps side by side and scroll through them with multi-finger gesture.

And of course, no iOS 13 concept would be complete without a dark mode and this concept has that too, showcasing the advanced multitasking in a gorgeous looking dark UI.

Other Finder related features shown in the concept include ability to resize the sidebar, tabbed Finder windows and a quick look feature.

You can watch the complete Finder for iPad concept in action in the video below.

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