Apple Fires Engineer Whose Daughter Filmed iPhone X At Caffè Mac

If you followed the Apple blogosphere last week, then you would have come across a vlog video made by Brooke Amelia Peterson, the daughter of an Apple Radio Frequency Engineer who worked on the iPhone X. The vlog continues in the Caffè Mac, the restaurant inside Apple’s campus showing Peterson’s family having dinner. In the video Peterson’s dad is seen using his iPhone X not only for making payments using Apple Pay but he also pretty casually hands over his iPhone X to his daughter.

Peterson then goes on and demos the device on camera, showing its various features like gestures, camera app, Animojis and more. The iPhone X, which is clearly a testing unit Apple gives to its employees had employee only QR Code and a note in the Notes app that according to The Verge shows codenames for unreleased Apple products.

The video went viral for obvious reasons, as it was featured the first device seen in a real world setting, no less than at Apple’s own Cupertino Campus.

Now Peterson has posted another video on her Youtube channel, in which she details what happened after the video went viral. According to her Apple asked her to take down the video from her channel. More importantly Apple fired her dad, who takes full responsibility for the rule he broke i.e. allowing someone to record and post video of an unreleased product.

Deleting the video from Youtube was clearly not enough as it already had went already went viral. Even today you can find the video on other Youtube channels who downloaded Peterson’s video and re-uploaded it.

Here’s the full video that caused her dad to get fired. iPhone X stuff starts at 2:50 onwards.

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