Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 14 Pro Max

Screen Protectors For iPhone 14 Pro Max

The task of finding the perfect screen screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max can be a hassle, but don’t worry, we have done all the legwork for you. In this article, we have listed down some of the best screen protectors for your brand new iPhone.

Who would disagree with Apple’s claim that the iPhone 14 Pro series is the best iPhone ever made, with its ground-breaking security features, dynamic island, A16 bionic chip, always-on display, and updated camera?

This large and powerful iPhone 14 Pro Max is packed with Apple’s best features, but it comes with a hefty price tag. You should therefore protect your device and shield your display from drops, scrapes, and cracks with the best screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Screen protectors not only prevent minor scratches but also absorb impacts from drops, preventing your phone’s screen from shattering. Here are the best screen protectors for the iPhone 14 Pro Max if you want to protect your shiny new phone. 

Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 14 Pro Max

Here are the best screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max that you can buy.

1. Ailun [OnePeel] Installation Frame Screen Protector 

Screen Protectors For iPhone 14 Pro Max

Ailun tempered glass screen protector features maximum protection from scratches, scrapes, and bumps. 

This screen guard has been specially designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 Inch display 2022 with “seamless” integration of augmented reality, light transmission, and night shooting capabilities. All these features allow for the restoration of the original quality of photos and videos when the flash is turned on at night. Plus, there is no need to design the flash hole position.

The glass is 100% brand new, has been precisely laser-cut, and is exquisitely polished. A 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector protects your smartphone’s sensor while retaining its original touch sensitivity and response.

A 99.99% high-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating reduces sweat and oil residue, enhancing screen visibility. The average consumer might find this option simple and straightforward.

Buy Ailun [OnePeel] Installation Frame Screen Protector for $12.99 here

2. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Protectors

The Spigen tempered glass screen protector has been uniquely designed to protect Dynamic Island and is built to provide seamless protection. Introducing the new Glas. tR Nano Liquid, a Silicon Dioxide liquid, provides the best protection for your screen without sacrificing its durability.

The liquid application of Nano-hydrophobic technology adds an invisible coat to the screen that provides oil and scratch resistance. All in all, this screen protector retains a layer of crystal-clear protection while maintaining its original look and feel. 

Considering that Spigen has been making iPhone screen protectors for a long time, it’s better to choose an established brand than a brand you’re not familiar with. 

Buy Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for $15.99 here

3. amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 14 Pro Max

With 99.9% transparency, this amFilm tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7″ reduces fingerprints and provides ultra-clear high definition. 

The ultra-thin 0.33mm screen protector retains the original response sensitivity of your iPhone and makes it fully compatible with Dynamic Island and Face ID. What’s more? The premium tempered glass provides scratch resistance, drop protection, and full coverage for the iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7″

This protector leaves a few millimeters gap at the edges, so you won’t have to worry if you use a case with your phone. A camera protector made of glass can also help protect your iPhone if you rest it on a flat surface.

amFilm screen protector protects both the most important components of your iPhone 14 Pro Max at an affordable price. As a good screen protector, this one has almost all the features that you would want.

Buy amFilm OneTouch Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max for $12.99 here

4. mase home Screen Protector Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Protectors

Designed to cover your entire phone, the Mase home glass screen protector provides unrivaled edge-to-edge protection. Its precise laser cutting technology offers maximum screen coverage.

As well as protecting your iPhone’s screen, the “mase home” full-screen protector also protects its front camera lens and Face ID without hindering its performance.

Designed with reinforced technology, the “mase home” iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector effectively protects your iPhone from knife scratches, keys, and other sharp objects. The case protects the edges of your phone, allowing you to use it without a case and showing off its elegant design. Nanometer-thin oil coating surface reduces 90% of fingerprints and smudges, keeping the screen clear and clean. 

The durable tempered glass is made of 0.33 mm thick and 9H hardness, offering you the brightness, sharpness, and detail you expect from your phone screen.

Buy mase home screen Protector Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Pro Max for $14.99 here

5. Smartish iPhone 14 Pro Max Tuff Sheet

Smartish is a company that makes life easy by offering phone cases and other stuff that solves unexpected needs in a clever manner.

There is nothing worse than a cracked phone screen for making you wish for a rewind button. You can avoid the big bad crack with the Tuff Sheet from Smartish. With this 2-pack of tempered-glass screen protectors, you won’t have to worry about life’s petty antics, such as scrapes, scratches, and dents. With a strong yet thin alignment frame, every Tuff Sheet is easy to install and incredibly thin, so nothing gets in the way.

Even better, this screen protector is smudge-free and antibacterial, so it reduces fingerprint traces and kills 99.99% of all surface bacteria. This protector is super convenient to install. No worries if you mess it up on the first try, you get one more alignment option. Additionally, it offers a smooth swiping experience, which is crucial if you love scrolling through social media.

Buy Smartish iPhone 14 Pro Max Tuff Sheet for $14.99 here

6. ESR Armorite Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Protectors

In addition to being made from the hardest tempered glass, this screen protector can also withstand impacts of up to 110 pounds, offering you peace of mind that your phone screen won’t be damaged by anything.

This scratch and shock-resistant screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max protects your phone from accidental bumps against sharp edges in your pocket or crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements.

Despite the screen guard covering the entire screen, it leaves only a small cut-out for the earpiece, but you shouldn’t be concerned. The ESR promises not to affect Face ID recognition and to guarantee the same level of scanning quality.

With an oleophobic coating, you can browse and play without having to worry about smudges or fingerprints. Moreover, it comes with an easy installation frame and cleaning kit that ensures bubble-free application.

Buy ESR Armorite Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max for $23.99 here

That’s all folks!

To prevent your iPhone 14 Pro Max display from scratches and cracks, these are some of the best screen protectors you can buy. However, in order to ensure added protection, it’s always a good idea to pair it with a case. Choose the screen protector that is most suitable for you based on your usage.

Are there any screen protector options in the list that would best suit your needs to protect your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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