CNN compares iPhone 6 camera with professional equipment and shares useful tips

CNN just like other professional news broadcasting outlets use high quality cameras to record footage that is aired on its TV channel. Recently the news service decided to compare its professional cameras with iPhone 6 to see how the most popular portable camera compares with expensive equipment it uses. The footage used in the report was shot at London’s famous Piccadilly Circus.

The video embedded above clearly shows the difference between a footage recorded with an iPhone and a full-fledged video camera. While both are not really comparable as in camera man’s own words its like “comparing a Mini with a Maserati”, when it comes to quality of the video it must be said that iPhone 6 does a pretty good job considering how small it is. Not to mention that recording video is just one of countless other things this device is capable of doing.

More importantly, in the video CNN’s Harvey Hogan also shares some interesting tips about how you can record great videos using any camera. He mentions the rule of thirds, importance of depth and perspective, sequencing and a few things that you should avoid doing.

Watch the video above and share your thoughts about the iPhone 6’s camera in the comments section below. (TheLoop)

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