Rumor Claims Apple Is Working On A Foldable iPhone Prototype

We have been seeing foldable iPhone concepts for many years now, however despite its competitors releasing foldable smartphones, Apple has been quiet on the subject.

Now it looks like Apple has finally started designing a foldable iPhone and has created prototypes for internal testing. The news comes from Apple news leaker Jon Prosser, who claims Apple has a ‘foldable iPhone’ prototype in the works. The device is essentially two separate display panel attached with each other on a hinge.

According to Prosser the device has a stainless steel edges and a design that looks similar to iPhone 11.

Another interesting tidbit shared in the tweet sheds some light on the notch, and the fact that there’s no notch on this prototype device. Apple has achieved a no notch design by housing the Face ID camera and sensors inside the tiny forehead on outer display.

Responding to a tweet that compares the leaked iOS 14 wallpaper screen to the alleged prototype, Jon Prosser simply responded “Close”.

No details about the workings of this foldable iPhone have been revealed yet, so we don’t really know how the two displays react when you close the device and what changes Apple is making to the software to use two screens more effectively.

While the news about the foldable iPhone prototype is certainly interesting we don’t expect a release any time soon. Apple creates and tests all sorts of prototypes however most of its prototypes don’t end up seeing the light of the day. This one in particular is a tough one considering the severe limitations of technology when it comes to folded display devices.

And while we are on the subject, Apple if you are reading this, we would love to have a foldable iPad that looks something like this.

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