Sentinel Tweak Hibernates Your iPhone So You Can Avoid Re-Jailbreaking

Sentinel tweak

Sentinel tweak

Current iPhone and iPad jailbreak is not perfect. Because it is a semi-untethered jailbreak you are required to re-jailbreak your device every time you reboot it. While jailbreak users are smart enough not to reboot their devices, there are times when things get out of your control. For example, what do you do when your iPhone runs out of battery and dies.

To help users in these situations a new Sentinel tweak has been released. This tweak adds a special mode to the iPhone, which puts iPhone in sort of a fake shutdown mode every time the device falls below a certain percentage of charge. The tweak lets users choose this particular percentage, which is great as every device is different in terms of battery performance.

Since Sentinel tweak puts the iPhone in a fake shutdown mode, the device becomes unusable during this time. The hack is designed to preserve battery for a longer time, so the user can plug the device and avoid reboot. The tweak takes advantage of iOS’s built-in Hibernation feature to achieve this.

Sentinel tweak

When Sentinel mode is enabled your iPhone’s SpringBoard is fully disabled. You will not get calls, notifications, alarms etc during this time. The mode is disabled as soon as you plug in your device its charger.

However if you are in an emergency, you can also exit Sentinel mode by pressing the volume up button 3 times.

While Sentinel tweak is designed to help users in preserving the jailbroken state of their iPhone, it can also be helpful in situations where your iPhone is at a certain level of charge and you don’t want it to completely die. Since Sentinel effectively holds the charge at the level it shuts down or hibernates the device, you can exit Sentinel mode if you want to make a call etc and avoid having a dead iPhone with 0% charge.

You can download the Sentinel tweak on a jailbroken iPhone from the Dynastic repo. It is available as a free download.

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