Getting Lots Of Missed Calls On iPhone? Here’s How To Fix It

With iOS 13 iPhone gets a new feature that is designed to help users avoid robocalls and other unwanted calls coming from unknown callers. The feature is called Silence Unknown Callers and as its name already suggests it is meant to automatically silence incoming calls coming from a phone number that is not added to your contacts list.

If you have this feature enabled on your iPhone, whenever you receive a call from an unknown caller, your iPhone will not ring and instead you will directly get a missed call notification alert telling you that you have missed a call from that particular number. At this point you can callback or simply ignore the message.

While this feature is great and will greatly reduce unwanted and spam calls for iPhone users, it may not be suitable for many users who also get legitimate calls from phone numbers that are not in their contacts list. If this applies to you, then you can easily disable the Silence Unknown Callers feature, and get calls from unknown phone numbers like normal.

Fix For Excessive Missed Calls On iPhone

You can turn off Silence Unknown Callers and have your iPhone ring for every phone call your receive by simply following the instructions below.

1. On your iPhone launch Settings and go to Phone settings.

2. Once you are on the Phone page, look for the Silence Unknown Callers option.

3. Finally turn on the toggle for ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ if you want to enable the features. Turn it off in case you want to disable it.

Silence Unknown Callers in an iOS 13 feature and will be available to all iPhones when iOS 13 is released in the fall.

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