Apple To Finally Replace Butterfly Keyboard With New Scissor Switch Design

If you ask us to name the most controversial Apple products released in the past few years, the MacBook keyboard will definitely be on top of the list. The new Butterfly keyboard, which first made its debut with the redesigned 2015 12-inch MacBook has had reliability issues from day one. Apple tried to solve these issues by improving on its design, however even after four generations the issues have not been eliminated completely. Apart from reliability issues, the new butterfly keyboard is also hated by many of its users who dislike the fact that it does not offer as much key travel as the pre-2016 MacBook keyboard and produces louder click sound. While I personally like the feel of the butterfly keyboard, I do understand why people would have problems with it.

If you have been holding out on upgrading your MacBook, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo may have the news you have been waiting for all these years. According to the seasoned analyst, Apple is looking to finally replace the butterfly keyboard with a new keyboard design, which is based on the scissor switches. This new keyboard will not only offer better durability but it will also offer longer key travel, something many users prefer over butterfly keyboard’s low key travel.

According to Kuo the new scissor switch keyboard will feature a brand new design and have glass fiber beneath the keys. The new keyboard will first be released on 2019 MacBook Air while MacBook Pro lineup will get it in 2020.

In addition to being more reliable and offering more key travel to the end user, this new scissor switch keyboard will be less expensive to manufacture when compared with the butterfly design, which is expensive to make due to low yields. (9to5Mac)

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