iOS 11 To Have Burn-In Mitigation Feature For OLED iPhone X

iPhone X (again, not iPhone 8) is going to be the first ever iPhone to feature an OLED display. This means Apple will now start making changes to iOS in order to adapt the operating system for this screen technology. While we expect to see radical changes such as a redesigned lockscreen and darker UI in the coming years, the company is already making the software suitable for the new screen type.

In the leaked iOS 11 DM, which features many references to the upcoming iPhone X it has been found that iOS will feature burn-in mitigation feature for the OLED display.

This feature has been added to address the issue that mostly affects OLED panels, in which a ghost image would cause burn in when it shows for a long time. This issue arises when a pixel continuously displays same image for extended periods of time without any change in content or colors. While this issue is not exclusive to OLED screens, LCDs also experience this but it is comparatively more common on OLED panels.

Apple’s competitors such as Samsung, which has been using OLED panels on its smartphones for years uses pixel shifting techniques that reduces the time a pixel is displays the same color, hence reducing the burn-in issue.

With Apple tackling this issue at iOS level, it is safe to say that it would be rare to see such an issue with iPhones. And the fact that iOS is full of animations and translucent effects the chances of a pixel displaying static images are minimal. (9to5Mac)

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