iOS 13 Lets You Use Mouse With iPhone, And It Feels Weird To Use It (Video)

Mouse with iPhone

With iOS 13 Apple has made it possible for iPad users to connect and use a Bluetooth mouse with their tablet. However it looks like the new feature is not limited to the iPad only, as iPhone users can also connect any Bluetooth enabled mouse with their iPhone and use it to navigate around the iPhone and use it to control an on-screen cursor.

iOS 13 lets you do almost everything using a mouse on the iPhone that you can normally do with one finger. You can access the Control Center by pulling down from top right side, access Notification Center, pull up from the bottom to return to the home screen, long click on an icon to access a 3D Touch menu, scroll through lists etc. You also get iPad-like mouse actions that allow you to perform certain actions using various mouse keys. For example, you can press the scroll wheel button on the mouse in order to return to the home screen or right-click anywhere to quickly access the AssistiveTouch menu.

Mouse works in all parts of iPhone, which includes the home screen interface, stock and third-party apps as well as games. Playing iPhone games with mouse can be particularly interesting in certain games that require a lot of tapping with one finger.

The mouse cursor on the iPhone looks exactly like the mouse cursor on the iPad. It is rounded and becomes more transparent upon inactivity.

You can watch the our full demonstration of using a mouse with an iPhone in the video below.

While using the mouse with the iPhone is fun, the feature certainly makes more sense on the iPad due to the smaller screen size of the iPhone. But we understand this accessibility feature exists on the iPhone to facilitate users who actually need mouse support.

What do you think about mouse support on the iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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