iOS 15 Will Let You Backup To iCloud With 5G, Priortize 5G On Slow Wi-Fi Networks

One of the changes Apple is going to bring to iOS 15 is enhanced connectivity on 5G and 5G preferred over Wi-Fi features. What this means is iOS will take better advantage of iPhone’s fast 5G network and let users perform more tasks over it.

Previously Apple has limited iCloud backups and iCloud restores over Wi-Fi only. Starting iOS 15 iPhone users will get the ability to backup their iPhone on iCloud and restore iCloud backups over 5G networks.

This is the first time Apple is allowing iCloud backups and restores over cellular network. With 5G support for iCloud backups and restores it will be easier for iPhone and iPad users to perform them on the go or at home with slow Wi-Fi network.

In addition to supporting iCloud backup and restore, iPhone users will also be able to stream audio and video on Apple’s and third-party apps over 5G, download high quality Apple TV+ content, sync photos to iCloud photos and more over cellular 5G.

iOS 15 will also prefer 5G over Wi-Fi if it detects the connected Wi-Fi network is performing slow. 5G network will also be preferred if the Wi-Fi network is insecure (such as public Wi-Fi).

All of these 5G features will be available on 5G compatible devices including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Newer iPad Pros will also get these enhanced 5G features with iPadOS 15.

Discover iOS 15 features:

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