iOS 16 Brings Lock Screen Personalization To iPhone

The headlining feature of the newly announced iOS 16 update is the amazing lock screen personalization features. Lock Screen Personalization features will make it possible for iPhone users to customize their device’s lock screen just the way they like.

This is the first time Apple has allowed users to personalize their device’s lock screen, as previously they could only change its background wallpaper.

iOS 16 lock screen personalization

Now users have the ability to showcase their favorite photos in a nice depth effect, change the font of date and time, change the colors of the lock screen clock and display a set of widgets on the lock screen.

Apple is bringing Apple Watch style ‘Widgets’ to iPhone lock screen that allow users to get at a glance information about weather, calendar, events, alarms, battery, activity rings and more.

Apple is also releasing a new WidgetKit, which will allow developers to create lock screen widgets for their apps.

With deep customizations Apple is now allowing iOS users to create multiple lock screens on their device. Just like they can on Apple Watch with watch faces, iPhone users will be able to create different lock screens each with different wallpapers, widgets and designs and switch between them whenever they like through the new interface.

A new wallpaper screen has also been added that will allow users to quickly add various wallpapers to their device’s screen including iOS 16 wallpaper, Astronomy wallpaper, emoji wallpaper and more.

Apple has moved the lock screen notifications towards the bottom of the screen. Notifications are displayed in a stacked view and expand when tapped.

Live Activities widget have been added in iOS 16 that will enable users to get real time information right on their iPhone’s lock screen. This includes ability to follow a game’s scores, track progress of food delivery or an Uber and more.

Apple has integrated the lock screen with Focus mode feature, allowing users to switch between various focus modes based on which lock screen style they are currently using.

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