iOS Location Tracking: Balancing Convenience And Privacy

When it comes to privacy iOS takes the lead in protecting the user’s location data, personal data, and personal information. Apple has shared in great detail how privacy settings on iPhone and iPad are designed to protect its users.

Location tracking has become an indispensable means for parents, couples, and business owners. The technologies are evolving, and the risks of not keeping up with them are also growing. That is why more and more people are looking for simple tracking solutions that require minimum effort but are still effective. Using a phone number location tracker is one of them.

However, some ethical concerns may arise once you have decided to use such a service. How could you ensure your children’s safety without being intrusive? Or how to dispel suspicions about your spouse’s infidelity without them knowing?

Keep reading the article to learn how to balance convenience and someone’s privacy when monitoring their iPhone location.

The Most Common Ways to Track iOS Location

Here are the most common ways to locate a phone number if it’s iOS-based. Let’s see which ways are most suitable to balance convenience and others’ privacy.

Monitoring with Google Maps

Using Google Maps is still a widespread way to monitor someone’s iOS device. However, the targeted person should share their location with you to enable tracking, and they can control who accesses their whereabouts and for how long. Thus, this tracking option is perfectly suited for keeping others’ privacy. But it’s not convenient to rely on others’ decisions. For example, children may turn off the location sharing at any moment.

Use iCloud to Find an iOS Device with Find My

Open iCloud on a computer or any other device and log in via iCloud credentials to see where your device is. Please note that the Find My app should be active. This tracking method is helpful when you lose your device, for example. However, one may face difficulties tracking someone’s location as knowing iCloud credentials is required.

Those running iOS 17 or later can also take advantage of Apple’s new iMessage Check-In feature that lets loved ones track their location and get notifications if the user stops or hasn’t reached their destination.

Location Tracking Services

The best way to balance convenience and privacy is to choose a decent location tracker by phone number. For example, and let you monitor someone’s whereabouts in a non-invasive way. They are easy to use, effective, and do not require installation or access to the targeted device. All you need to know is the phone number you want to track. Input it in the dedicated field on the webpage, and the service will do the job for you.

Tips to Balance Convenience and Privacy

So, you choose your best suitable cell phone number location tracker, and the question arises: what should I do next? How can one balance convenience and privacy without losing the effectiveness of the tracker and the trust of someone you decided to monitor? We list some tips that help combine these two things and improve your overall tracking experience.

  1. Choose a reliable and functional tracker that ensures your data and the data of those you want to monitor are fully protected and any personal information is safeguarded. Get familiar with their privacy policy to learn whether there are any pitfalls.
  2. Do not share information about someone’s location with others under any circumstances, as it may lead to stalking or harassment. You are also responsible for keeping sensitive data unleaked.
  3. Discuss your intentions with those whose location you want to monitor. Children or family members should understand why you may want to monitor their location and how knowledge about their movements may give you peace of mind. You may also change their perspectives about location tracking, explaining your role in keeping them safe.
  4. Be ready that they may not give their consent. You don’t need to push anyone. Just go back to that conversation later again.

Things to Do and Avoid When Tracking Location

So, once you have decided to use a location tracker by phone number to see someone’s whereabouts, you should know what things to do and avoid during this process to balance your convenience and someone’s privacy and not do harm. So, here are things to do while tracking iOS location:

  • Choose a secure and trusted location tracker that ensures data safety and has clear user policies;
  • Use the tracking service for ethical purposes only, such as your kids’ or family member’s safety;
  • Use the tracker on your personal devices or on devices of those who gave their consent for being tracked;
  • Learn the risks related to data gathering and ensure they are minimized.

Avoid doing the following while viewing someone’s location:

  • Don’t use the gathered data for inappropriate needs;
  • Don’t share someone’s location without their consent;
  • Avoid monitoring their location without getting approval first.


Only a reliable and trusted location number tracker can guarantee the balance between convenience and privacy. Get familiar with the tracker’s policies, and remember that it should not have any access to your or the targeted person’s data without consent. Simplicity is the key when it comes to location monitoring. So, it’s alright when one may need only a phone number to see someone’s movements, as in the case with 

Thus, to balance convenience and safety while location tracking an iOS device, one should choose a tracker that encrypts data, gives accurate information, and requires consent from the targeted party.

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