Does Your iPhone 6s Home Button Get Too Hot? You Are Not Alone

Home button hot

Ever since I got my iPhone 6s I have experienced a couple of bugs with my device including it getting stuck randomly, home button not functioning at all or the whole battery draining in a matter of 1 hour as well as on standby. One particular bug that seemed quite serious was the home button getting too hot. The first time it happened, I simply rebooted my iPhone and the problem went away. Then a month later the button became hot again, and this time it also caused the device to get stuck and turned the screen white. I used the force reboot technique to restart my iPhone. The problem went away never to return to this day.

I thought this was an isolated incident until I noticed a new Reddit thread today by a user who is experiencing the same issue on an iPhone 6s Plus. So I decided to look online to see if other users have had a similar issue. Turns out the home button getting too hot is not a new problem and it has been around since the launch. There are several threads on Apple’s Support forums by concerned users who have complained about the very same issue. Social media is full of complains too, with users taking it to Twitter to complain about it.

With 9 months passed Apple has yet to acknowledge this issue and issue a fix for it. However I doubt they don’t know about it considering the amount of articles, tweets and threads that have been written about this particular issue. If that is the case and Apple hasn’t issued a fixed then it may also not be a software bug, but something to do with the second generation Touch ID button that debuted with iPhone 6s.

So what should you do if you encounter the problem of Home button getting too hot? Well there’s not much you can do other than rebooting the device. If it is stuck then press the power and home button together and hold for a few second until it turns off. Once it does, turn it back on and the issue should be gone, albeit temporarily.

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