3 Challenges Every New Mac User Faces

The primary reason why Apple products sell like hotcakes are simplicity, security and a safe ecosystem. The question thus arises—is being ‘safe’ enough? Is Apple’s approach on “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, when it comes to Macs, a smart thing? Well, new users might disagree.

New Mac users tend to come across a plethora of problems. Sure, the human mind can acclimatize to newer patterns and what not, but the Mac has some tough challenges that go beyond the user. What are these? Find out below. 

Hardware Incompatibility

You probably saw this coming. Considering how secure Apple’s ‘ecosystem’ is, that actually does more harm than good, for the new user. Take for instance, a new Mac user who probably also uses an Android device. 

Connecting to your Mac can be a painful experience. File transfer? Forget about it. Connecting other hardware elements? Brutally inconvenient. Don’t get us wrong, the Mac in itself is a wonderful device. When you try to use it with other peripherals though? Different ball game altogether. 

Sure, there are a number of workarounds here. You can obviously find compatible printers and keyboards and what not, but for the new user, this can be a complex issue. Only if Apple would allow ‘outsiders’ inside the beautiful, gardened walls of their ‘ecosystem’, things could have been less complex. 


Speaking of compatibility, if you are a PC user shifting to a Mac, we urge you to have the most minimal expectations when it comes to gaming. 

We aren’t discrediting Apple here. Their new chips are the most powerful ones you will find on the market right now, and that itself is a good reason as to why you should buy a Mac. But when it comes to gaming? The equations are different here. 

When it comes to gaming, there should be compatibility solutions from both the manufacturer and the software developer. Think of it like a glove-in-hand situation. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide the right platforms to code, there isn’t much that the developer can do. 

This is where the new Mac user is inconvenienced. Through no fault of their own, if they want that occasional gaming experience, their options are paralysed. 

Not only this, but online gaming becomes a difficult task too. Sure, you can use a VPN to overcome geographical barriers, and bypass your games limitations by using emulators, but your gaming experience will be nowhere close to optimal.

The Stubbornness of Apple 

The other issue that Apple users face is the very adamant nature of the company. This goes beyond Macs, but we’ll stick to those for now. Apple users have complained since time immemorial, that the company has been headstrong about what they think is right for customers, instead of taking valid feedback. 

The I/O Debacle

The first major case is that of ports (or lack, thereof) on the Macs. When it comes to I/O options in your Mac, you’re running out of luck entirely. 

Sure, the 2021 MacBook Pros have brought back the ports (calling it a feature, unironically). However, it makes no sense for the average user to spend such an exorbitant amount of money for it. The general demographic will be buying the Macbook Air, and surely, you’ll end up feeling miserable about the lack of options. 

Side-Loading? What is that Even?

The other thing is external software. Apple is very specific about what they allow in their App Store, which makes it all the more difficult to side-load apps entirely. The case is similar with any apps which otherwise runs well in windows counterparts. Streaming apps, utility apps, security apps, you name it. 

Either way, when it comes to the latter, we urge you to not conform to Apple’s metrics. Sure, their dedicated security chips are brilliant, but when it comes to safety, it is always advisable for you to get more layers of it. 

This is where the renowned software solutions company, Bitdefender, comes into play. The best Mac Antivirus solution is here, and you most definitely should consider it, while you’re still a new Mac user. After all, it doesn’t hurt to add more security measures, right? Especially when they are as efficient as this one. 

Final Words—Are there any other issues? 

Honestly, it might sound like we are nit-picking here, and the reality isn’t far from that. Macs are pretty advanced, and the hardware they provide is beyond perfect. Not only is it superbly optimised, but the promised software transcends and stands the test of time. 

As we have stated earlier, if you are a new Mac user, you might face issues that do not pertain to how the laptop works, but more with the added extensions that it comes with. If you are prepared to face these external hurdles, you can expect a boost in productivity owing to the beast of a machine.

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