How to Disconnect From A WiFi Network on the Mac

Disconnect WiFi Mac

Connecting to WiFi and switching from one network to another is a fairly simple process on a Mac. All you need to do is click on the dedicated WiFi button in the menu bar, and there you can find all the options you might need. But what if you just want to disconnect from a particular WiFi network without switching to another one or turning the whole WiFi setting off. Well there is a hidden macOS feature that many users don’t know about. By pressing the Option key from the keyboard while viewing the WiFi drop down menu, you can access additional options including the one that allows you to disconnect from the network you are connected to right now.

In addition to showing the disconnection button, this keyboard shortcut also reveals a bunch of other useful information about the WiFi network your Mac is connected to. This includes IP Address, Router address, BSSID, Channel information and much more. Normally to access this information you would have to go through System Preferences which requires more steps and time.

So next time you want to disconnect from a WiFi network on a Mac or just want to get more information about that particular network just hit the ‘Option’ key before or after clicking on the WiFi button from the menu bar.

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