Google Chrome To Soon Support macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode

If you are a Google Chrome user, you might have noticed that the web browser still lacks support for macOS Mojave’s dark mode. This is disappointing however things are about to be changed for the better, as support for macOS’s dark mode might finally be coming in early 2019.

This information was revealed by Google developer, who submitted a code change that implements a dark mode in Chromium, and that change was also approved during the review process. As Chromium is an open source web browser that is the foundation of Chrome, it is safe to say that the feature will be making its way to the popular web browser very soon.

Despite the code change in Chromium, you cannot use the dark mode even if you download the open source browser. The dark mode is still hidden behind ‘feature flags‘ and is not available like a normal feature.

The dark mode, which was enabled by MacRumors using Terminal command offers a dark interface for different parts of the web browser including the Omnibox, Tabs, Bookmarks bar, status bar, menus and dialog boxes. The browser will also show a black background on the startup page. While Chromium shows how a dark mode in Chrome browser might look like, the final version of the browser might end up looking different than what is available on Chromium.

Currently Chrome 71 is available for download, so the dark mode for macOS could be making it way to the Mac with Chrome 72, which is expected in second half of January. If not then we might have to wait until Chrome 73, which will release is March 2019.

Until then, we recommend you check out this dark theme for Chrome, that allows you to have a similar dark mode effect in Chrome browser.

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