15 New Features In iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 New features

Want to learn about iOS 15.4 new features? Apple has released iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 to public. The new operating system has been released after an extensive beta period where it was tested with developers and public beta testers. iOS 15.4 brings wide range of new features to iPhones and iPads.

In this post we have talked about all the new iOS 15.4 features that are available to everyone with today’s release.

iOS 15.4 New Features

Here are all the new features that have been introduced in iOS 15.4.

1. Universal Control

iOS 15.4 New features

Apple introduced the Universal Control feature back at WWDC 2021 and was supposed to launch it along with iOS 15.0. However after unfortunate delays lasting several months the Universal Control feature is finally live in iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3 betas.

With Universal Control feature iPad and Mac users can use a single cursor and keyboard to control multiple Macs and iPads seamlessly at the same time. Users can move their Mac’s cursor using their Mac’s trackpad to the iPad and navigate on iPad’s screen. They can even drag and drop files from iPad to Mac.

The best thing about Universal Control is that it works across devices provided they’re connected with the same iCloud account. So not only can you move the cursor to drag and drop files between iPad and Mac but you can also do this with Mac to iPad, Mac to Mac, iPad to iPad etc.

We hope Universal Control stays part of iOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3 and we get to use it in stable versions when they are available.

2. Use Face ID With Mask On

Next on our list of iOS 15.4 new features is Face ID with a Mask feature. One of the biggest problems iPhone users with Face ID feature face is using the facial recognition feature with a mask on. In iOS 15.4 Apple has tried to make the life of users easier by giving them an option to unlock iPhone with a mask on. Apple notes that full Face ID feature is more secure compared to using Face ID with mask, and that is probably why it is an optional feature.

Those running iOS 15.4 or later will be able to activate Face ID with mask feature from Settings. When this feature is active iPhone will only use the area around user’s eyes for authentication while ignoring the masked part of the face. This feature is only available on iPhone 12 or later, so if you have iPhone X, XS or 11 you are out of luck.

In addition to unlocking the device Face ID with Mask can also be used for in-app authentications and Apple Pay.

3. 37 New Emoji and more

iOS 15.4 New features
Image via Emojipedia

iOS 15.4 brings Emoji 14 which means you not only get access to 37 new Emoji but you also get 75 new skin tones taking the number of new characters to 112.

In iOS 15.4 you get new emoji like melting face, saluting face, bubbles, low battery indicator, heart hands, face with peeking eyes and more.

4. Apple Card Widget

A new Apple Card widget has been introduced in this release. Now users can see their current balance and daily spendings right on the home screen.

5. Change Keyboard Brightness

On iPadOS 15.4 Apple is now allowing users to change the brightness of external keyboard’s backlighting right from the Control Center. Users get a new brightness slider that they can move up or down to adjust the keyboard backlight brightness. Users can add the keyboard brightness slider’s button to Control Center from Settings.

6. Add Notes To iCloud Keychain Entries

In iCloud Keychain users now get the ability to add Notes to their saved username and passwords. You can use the Notes section for whatever you like but it can be useful for storing information like answers to security questions, special login codes etc.

7. Custom email domains

iOS 15.4 New features

If you have a paid iCloud+ plan, then now you can set up a custom domain with iCloud Mail directly on your iPhone. This new feature us available under the Apple ID section.

8. Ability to turn off notifications for Personal Automations

If you use Personal Automation shortcuts in the Shortcuts app, then you are going to appreciate the new toggle that lets you turn off notifications that are sent to your device whenever a personal automation runs. The option to disable notification appears when you disable on Ask Before Running setting.

9. Apps Can Take Advantage of ProMotion on iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature 120Hz Refresh Rate feature commonly known as ProMotion. Until now third-party apps were unable to take full advantage of this new feature due to a Core Animation bug. That changes with iOS 15.4 as now all apps should be able to show animations at 120Hz refresh rate and offer a smoother experience to the users.

10. SharePlay button in Sharesheet

iOS 15.4 adds a new SharePlay button on the Sharesheet menu for apps that supports SharePlay. Users can now instantly tap on the SharePlay button to start sharing.

11. New Corner Gestures in iPadOS Notes App

The stock Notes app on iPadOS now has a new Corner Gestures section in the Settings app that allows users to configure what happens when they diagonally swipe from the bottom corners of their iPad’s screen. Users can choose different functions for Left Corner Swipe and Right Corner swipe and select Quick Note or Screenshot as actions.

12. Customizations for TV App

The TV app now allows users to choose between Still Frame and Poster Art for the Up Next Display in the app.

13. Support for more Game Controllers

iOS 15.4 brings support for the new DualSense Adaptive Trigger Firmware features for iPhone and iPad users.

14. Sign in with easy using Passkey

iOS 15.4 allows users users to easily sign into apps and websites that offer passkey compatibility. Users can conveniently sign in with Face ID or Touch ID.

15. Add vaccination records in Health App

If you live in EU, then you can now add your EU Digital COVID certificate in the Health and Wallet apps for easier access.

There you go folks, these are the iOS 15.4 new features that have been introduced in the latest update. What do you think about these features? Let us know in comments below.

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