App Developers Can Now Give Out Promo Codes For In-App Purchases

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Apple has allowed developers to give out app promo codes to press and in promotional giveaways for many years. Now the company has changed its App Store policies and will now also enable App Store developers to send out promo codes for in-app purchases. This is in addition to the promo code feature available for paid applications. Promo codes are an effective way for app developers to promote their apps by allowing influential members of press, bloggers and social media users to download their app for free. By giving reviewers an opportunity to download a paid application for free developers can offer an incentive for the reviewer to try out their app, who might not do the same if the app costed them any amount of money.

Just like app promo codes, the promo codes for in-app purchases will also have limitations in place. Developers can only give away 100 promo codes per in-app purchase and a maximum of 1000 promo codes per app. This counter will reset every 28 days after they are generated. Developers who have applications with in-app purchases in the App Store can request promo codes from iTunes Connect. You will need to have Admin, App Manager, or Marketer role on the account to be able to get the codes.

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