5 Things Apple Killed With The New MacBook Pro Today

The new MacBook Pro launched at its exclusive Apple event. The new notebook is a trend setter with its amazing new features that include a Touch Bar, Touch ID sensor, 2nd-generation butterfly mechanism keyboard, faster performance and thinner design. While the comments launch of this new device has garnered are mostly positive there is some justified criticism too that focuses on the things that were dropped from this model. The new MacBook Pro has many new features but also lacks the features that have been part of the MacBook lineup for many years. In this post we have focused on 5 things that Apple killed today with the new Macbook Pro.

Function keys


We have had the function key row on top of the keyboards since forever. However today with the announcement of the new MacBook Pro, Apple has essentially killed the Function key bar, replacing it with an impressive touchscreen. While the function keys had the fixed functions, the new ‘Touch Bar’ shows on-screen touch buttons related to what’s currently on the screen. Not only buttons but users will also see sliders that they can interact with to control what’s on the screen. The Touch Bar is an innovative way of adding a touchscreen to the Mac without really adding a full-fledge ‘touch-screen’.


The glowing Apple logo has been an iconic symbol of Apple’s notebooks. There are very few Apple users who hate the white glowing Apple logo at the back of their MacBook. It has always been a symbol of pride among the loyal Apple users who love to announce their allegiance with their favorite tech company wherever they go. Today however that glowing logo is dead, and is replaced by a dark and boring logo that just shines on the back.

SD Card Slot


If you own a DSLR or any camera for that matter, then you would be disappointed to learn that the new MacBook Pro, a device favored by many professional photographers no longer has a SD Card Slot. Now in order to connect a SD Card to your MacBook you will need an external card reader, which is going to be very inconvenient.

USB Port


Even though USB Type-C is the future the USB 2 and 3 based devices are still found in abundance. Even Apple’s iPhone 7 that was released just last month features a USB lightning cable. Despite that Apple has killed the USB port in favor of the USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3) port. So now if you want to connect your iPhone, any other device or accessory you will need to have an adapter.

MagSafe Charging Port


One of the best features of the MacBooks for many years has been the MagSafe charging port. If you have an Apple notebook with a MagSafe connector, then you would know how convenient and safe this port is for MacBooks. Not only does it make connecting the charger much easier but it also keeps the device safe by safely removing the connector when the wire is pulled unintentionally, saving the MacBook from falling off the table. The new MacBook replaces the MagSafe Charging port with a USB Type-C port. Thankfully there are four ports on the MacBook Pro, so you can still charge your device while an accessory is connected to it unlike the MacBook.

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