Apple Announces M1 Chip, Its First Chip Designed For The Mac

Apple Announces M1 Chip

Apple has announced the M1 chip for the Mac. M1 is company’s first chip that has been designed for the Mac and powers the newly announced MacBook Air, Mac mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The announcement marks Apple’s move from the Intel chip to its in-house ARM architecture based Apple Silicone. The new Chip deliver faster speeds and greater power efficiency in a small size.

M1 is the first computer chip that is built with 5-nanometer process technology and has 16 billion transistors. It has a System on a chip (SoC) design, which means it features numerous technologies in a single chip. Unlike Intel chips found on previous generation Macs the M1 chip features CPU, I/O, Security and other components in one place, which allows for better integration within these chips.

According to Apple M1 features the world’s fastest CPU core in low-power silicone, best CPU performance per watt, fastest integrated graphics and breakthrough machine learning performance thanks to Apple Neural Engine. Due to this M1 chip delivers 3.5x faster CPU performance, 6x faster GPU performance and up to 15x faster machine learning.

The M1 chip has an 8-core CPU with four high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores.

M1 chip delivers significantly better battery performance when compared to previous generation Intel Macs. According to Apple MacBooks that have the M1 chip offer twice longer battery life than previous generation Macs.

M1 Chip’s fast performance and efficiency can be credited to Apple’s experience of designing silicone for its devices including iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. This can be seen in the incredible battery performance and the instant on feature, which allows the Mac to instantly wake from sleep just like an iPhone or iPad.

The new M1 chip equipped Macs will be available to order today. This includes MacBook Air starting at $999, Mac mini starting at $699 and 13-inch MacBook Pro starting at $1,299. The devices will ship starting next week.

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