Apple Discontinues iPod touch, Kills Of The Iconic iPod Brand

Apple has finally done what was expected of it for the past many years. Today the company has discontinued the iPod touch 7th generation and with it killed off the iconic iPod brand.

The very first iPod was introduced 20 years ago, and the product line became an integral part of Apple’s growth until the company’s product line grew to include products like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more.

The iPod brand consisted of some of the most iconic Apple products released to date including iPod Shuffle, iPod Photo, iPod Video, iPod Nano and iPhone-inspired iPod touch.

While an iPod had become irrelevant several years ago thanks to the prevalent availability of smartphones and tablets, Apple continue to sell iPod touch in its 7th generation, albeit it did not upgrade its specs since 2019 and design since 2015.

In its press release Apple notes that it has integrated the music experience across all of its products, which has eliminated the need of having a dedicated music playing device.

Apple says iPod touch will remain available to purchase in Apple Stores, its online store and Apple Authorized Resellers until the stock lasts.

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