Apple To Name Its Mixed Reality Headset Reality Pro Or Reality One

Even though everyone’s eyes are set on Apple’s September 7 event, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is reporting about Apple’s mixed-reality headset that the company is expected to launch in 2023.

According to Gurman the new mixed-reality headset from Apple could be called ‘Reality Pro’ or ‘Reality One’. This was revealed thanks to a trademark filing in several countries by one of Apple’s secretive shell companies.

The Reality One or Reality Pro headset will be a high-end mixed reality headset that will blend augmented reality with virtual reality. Apple also has plans of launching a lightweight AR headset that will launch sometime after the launch of its mixed reality headset.

In the past Apple has also discussed naming its mixed reality headset Apple Reality or Apple Vision, however now Gurman believes that these names could be reserved for the lightweight AR only version that the company plans to launch at a later time.

Apple has also trademarked ‘Reality Processor’, which is something it could call the onboard co-processor powering the mixed-reality headset along side M2 chip.

Lastly Gurman says another trademark from Apple is for the word ‘Optica’, which he believes could be used for the interchangeable optics system for users who need glasses prescription.

Apple is not expected to talk about its mixed reality or AR headsets at its upcoming iPhone event.

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