Apple Removes A Popular Quran App From Chinese App Store

Apple has removed a popular Quran app from the Chinese App Store as noticed by the website Apple Censorship (via BBC News). The app called Quran Majeed was removed on the request of the Chinese government.

Quran Majeed is one fo the most popular Quran app on the App Store with over 150,000 reviews. According to BBC’s report Apple has removed the app, which contains the most sacred holy book for Muslims.

The app was removed on the request of the Chinese government, which believes it hosts “for hosting illegal religious texts” without specifying which rules the app has broken in the country.

When contacted for comment Apple simply referred to a document titled “Our Commitment to Human Rights” noting that it is required to comply with local laws.

We’re required to comply with local laws, and at times there are complex issues about which we may disagree with governments and other stakeholders on the right path forward. With dialogue, and a belief in the power of engagement, we try to find the solution that best serves our users—their privacy, their ability to express themselves, and their access to reliable information and helpful technology.

– Apple

Chinese censorship on the App Store is nothing new and it looks like Apple continues to bow down to Chinese government’s pressure, as the later’s demands keep getting more ridiculous with every passing incident.

Chinese demands of censorship also go against Apple’s own beliefs and what the company says it stands for elsewhere. However when it comes to China the company has given free pass to the country due to its huge market size and Apple’s reliance on its manufacturing supply chain.

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