ChatGPT App For Mac Is Now Available To Free Users

ChatGPT for Mac
ChatGPT for Mac

The official ChatGPT app is now available to all users. This means you can download and use the ChatGPT app for Mac on your computer even if you are not subscribed to ChatGPT’s premium membership.

ChatGPT app for Mac brings a convenient way for users to interact with the AI assistant. The app’s killer feature is the ‘Option + Space’ keyboard shortcut, which brings up a Spotlight-like search bar on the screen. Users can enter their query and upload files on this search bar.

ChatGPT for Mac

The app also lets users upload images, documents, screenshots, etc, and ask ChatGPT to perform actions on them. Doing this through the native app is far more convenient than doing the same in the web browser.

The app also supports audio prompts allowing users to speak their queries to ChatGPT. You can click on the headphone icon to speak to ChatGPT.

You can download the ChatGPT app from OpenAI’s website here.

While the ChatGPT app for Mac is great, Mac users will get the true taste of ChatGPT in the fall with the launch of macOS Sequoia. Mac users will be able to take advantage of a deep integration with ChatGPT on their Mac.

This will allow them to send certain requests about documents and photos while also using built-in writing tools to improve or summarize pieces of text. You can learn more about how ChatGPT will work with Apple devices here.

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