Apple And ChatGPT: Here’s How The Integration Will Work

Siri ChatGPT Integration
Siri ChatGPT Integration

At its WWDC 2024 keynote Apple announced its partnership with OpenAI. Thanks to this partnership iPhone, iPad, and Mac users will get free access to ChatGPT integrated well into the built features like Siri and Writing Tools.

ChatGPT will be available to Apple users as an option along with Apple’s own AI models and features that the company is calling Apple Intelligence.

So what does ChatGPT integration with Apple devices look like and how will it impact your workflows? Read on to find out.

As we have mentioned earlier ChatGPT will be available on iOS and macOS devices as an optional feature. Siri is capable of tapping into ChatGPT GPT-4o’s expertise and sending certain requests to it when it might be helpful to the user’s query. However, it will not send any requests to ChatGPT without the user’s permission as it is programmed to ask the user every time before contacting ChatGPT.

When will ChatGPT be used?

Siri Photo Sharing ChatGPT

So what kind of requests can you send to ChatGPT? Well, Siri can tap into ChatGPT for questions about photos or documents. It can go to ChatGPT whenever it deems that the user’s query can better be served through ChatGPT. ChatGPT’s responses are displayed directly through the new Siri interface.

In its keynote, Apple gave a couple of examples of when Siri can request ChatGPT to provide better results to the users. This includes creating meal plans from a list of available ingredients. Users can also send pictures to ChatGPT and ask for its advice on decorating.

Users will also get access to ChatGPT within Apple’s new Writing Tools. This means you can take advantage of ChatGPT to write content from scratch or make improvements to what you have already written.

ChatGPT on Mac

ChatGPT’s image generation capabilities will also be available to Apple users and they can ask it to generate images based on their desired prompt.

Privacy and subscription

Addressing the privacy concerns surrounding ChatGPT, Apple says ChatGPT will not log user’s requests and information.

ChatGPT on iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be available for free and no account will be needed to use this feature.

ChatGPT subscribers will have the option to connect their accounts to their devices and take advantage of paid features.

What about other AI models?

Apple says it has plans for integrating other AI models into its operating systems in the future. This includes the Google Gemini model.

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