Early Samsung Galaxy Fold Units Are Having Severe Screen Failures

Samsung has finally launched its highly anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone, however it looks like things are not going according to plan for the tech giant. Samsung had sent Galaxy Fold to a number of tech outlets and reviewers so they could get their hands on the device and share their thoughts on it, before it goes on sale on April 26th. Now there are reports coming from these tech reviewers that claim the device is having major display issues with the review devices breaking just within 2 days of usage.

The displays issues are not minor and have resulted in devices fully breaking down and becoming non-functional, something you would not expect from a device that is going to be sold to consumers in less than 2 weeks. TheVerge writer Dieter Bohn reports that his particular review device broke after it showed a random bulge on the display. The bulge according to Bohn could have been caused by the debris that may have gotten into the hinge.

CNBC reviewer Steve Kovach experienced a Galaxy Fold failure too as his review unit’s display started flickering after just one day of use.


Similarly Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman saw his Galaxy Fold review unit becoming unusable and broken after he peeled of what he thought was a removable screen protector. Turns out it wasn’t a screen protector after all and caused his device to break.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee tweeted that users are not supposed to remove the inside layer and said Samsung should make it clear on the box.

Steve Kovach however clarified that their device started having the flickering issue even though they hadn’t removed the said protective layer. This suggests the issue is not limited to users removing the protective layer either.


No matter how groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy Fold may be, it is now a consumer device and not a prototype in a lab. Consumers spending $1,980 are not expecting a device that is so fragile and has a potential of breaking down in just a few days.

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