Ekip Tweak Lets You Control Your iPhone From The Mac

Ekip Tweak

The new Ekip tweak for jailbroken iPhone allows users to easily control various features of their iPhone right from their Mac.

Apple offers tremendous integration between iPhone and the Mac. Today users enjoy numerous continuity features that enable them to share clipboard, web pages, photos, music and other services between their iOS device and Mac.

If you are a Windows PC users, then you might want to check out Boardy tweak, which brings clipboard syncing between iPhone and Windows PC.

While the iOS to Mac integration is great as it is, there is still some major room for improvement. That’s where Ekip tweak for jailbroken devices comes in. It offers some amazing features that further improves the integration between the iPhone and Mac.

Ekip tweak is able to transfer user’s iPhone notifications to the Mac, so he or she can keep an eye over what’s happening on their device without having to check it again and again. Users also get the option to disable notifications from certain apps, so they cannot appear on the Mac and cause distraction.

While notification forwarding would have been enough to make Ekip tweak a must have for Mac users, it does not stop there.

Ekip also allows users to access and Control Center settings on their iPhone. Most settings and toggles that are available on iPhone’s Control Center can be controlled using Ekip.

This includes the ability to enable or disable iPhone’s Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb mode, Cellular Data, Low Power Mode, Rotation lock, Location Services and Dark Mode.

Users can also use the Ekip app on the Mac to perform a quick respring on the iPhone and toggle its Ringer.

Ekip tweak also allows users to control media player on their iPhone. Using its Mac app you can play or pause music on their iPhone, change volume as well as brightness levels.

Ekip has a Mac client

In order to use Ekip with your Mac you will need to install the Ekip app on the Mac. You can install it on your computer by going to Settings -> Ekip -> Get Mac App on your iPhone. Ekip will AirDrop the Mac app to your computer.

Ekip tweak for jailbroken iPhone is available under the Packix repo for $1.49. It works with all iOS versions from iOS 10 to the latest iOS 14. On the Mac macOS 10.15 or later is required.

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