Future Apple Pencil Could Sample Colors From Real Life Objects

Apple Patent color Sample Pencil

Apple Patent color Sample Pencil

Apple Pencil is amazing as it is, however a new patent sheds light at how the pointing and drawing device can evolve to do much more. According to a patent application submitted by Apple, future versions of Apple Pencil could have the ability to sample colors from real world objects.

This means similar to on-screen color picker tool found in almost all of image editing apps, users will be able to use their Apple Pencil and tap on real world objects to sample their colors. Then they can use the same color to work on their drawings, edits or with other tools. Once a color has been sampled it will be added to current app’s palette.

The Patent application is titled Computer System With Color Sampling Stylus. The device this patent talks about is said to “have a color sensor”.

The color sensor in the Apple Pencil could have a number of photodetectors that are able to measure light for different color channels. The sensors could be aided with a light to make readings as accurate as possible. This would allow users to tap the Pencil’s tip on an object that they want to sample color from.

In addition to drawing and image manipulation, the color sensing technology of the Apple Pencil could have other purposes as well. Apple suggests that it can be used for calibrating printers, calibrating displays, used for health related measurements and identifying paint colors from home objects.

While this is a very interesting patent and has a potential of becoming a reality one day, it may just remain a patent for the foreseeable future as well.

Apple regularly files patents for all sorts of technologies however not all of them see the light of the day. However we hope this one does, as it would make drawing with an Apple Pencil even more fun for both amateurs and professionals.

You can read the full patent application here (MacRumors).

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