Hacker Shows Windows XP Running On iPhone 7

Last thing you want is a Microsoft desktop operating system from the year 2002 running on your iPhone 7. However that didn’t stop Youtuber Hacking Jules from performing his feat. In the video that is shared below you can see Windows XP running on an iPhone 7 in its full glory. The operating system takes a while to load and is painfully slow, it takes the Calculator application around 15 seconds to load. Apart from speed there doesn’t seem to be any issues with Windows XP running on iPhone 7. The video shows the Control Panel, Start menu, system information and more.

This is not the first time Hacking Jules has successfully ported a desktop OS to his iOS device. Previously he has ported Mac OS 8 on iPhone 6s, Windows XP on his iPad and more. You can find more videos on his Youtube channel.

Hacking Jules used bochs x86 emulator for the port. He has linked to the Github project for this port where you can find all the necessary files if you want to perform this feat yourself.

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