Here’s What Will Happen To iTunes On Windows And iTunes Music Store On Mac

Today Apple made a big announcement that after 18 years of service it is finally killing iTunes on the Mac, while introducing standalone apps for Music, Podcasts and TV. It was also announced that since iTunes will no longer be available with macOS Catalina, users will be able to sync their iOS devices with Macs using a new section under macOS Finder.

While Mac users welcomed this announcement, many out there wondered what will happen to iTunes on Windows. iTunes is an essential app for Windows users as it allows them to manage their iOS devices, manage music and video library and access Apple’s iTunes Music, Movies, TV Shows and other services.

Now it looks like we may finally have some clarification, as Billboard tech editor Micah Singleton has revealed what will happen to iTunes on Windows. According to his tweet, he was able to confirm the fate of iTunes for Windows directly from Apple. He says iTunes will continue to exist on Apple in its current state, meaning users will be able to continue using iTunes on Windows machines and enjoy all the features that are available today.

He goes further revealing what will happen to iTunes Music Store on the Mac, as this feature also relies on iTunes as of macOS 10.14 and Apple has not announced it as part of the new macOS Music app. According to Singleton iTunes Music Store will be available in sidebar in Finder under macOS Catalina. Although we suspect what he really meant to say is it will be available in Sidebar under the new Music app instead of Finder. The later makes more sense as users will be able to manage all of their music in a single app.

Nevertheless this tweet does clarify that Apple has no plans of killing iTunes on Windows and will continue to offer iTunes Music Store somewhere under macOS Catalina.

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