iOS 13 Adds PS4 And Xbox One Controller Support To iPhone And iPad

iOS 13 is turning out to be a great update for iOS devices. Along with many awesome new features that it brings to iOS devices, it looks like iOS 13 is also going to be great for mobile gaming. Not only will iOS 13 bring Apple Arcade feature to iOS devices later this year, but it is also bringing support for console game controllers to iOS.

Yes that’s right, with iOS 13 iPhone and iPad users will be able to play their favorite games on iOS using a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S controller. Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive MFi game controllers that didn’t even work that well with iOS devices. Now you can simply connect the console game controller that you already have and start playing your favorite games on iOS devices.

Currently it is unclear whether the PlayStations 4 and Xbox One S controllers will work with all games or developers will have to update their games before these controllers can be used with them. Regardless, now that iOS supports these mainstream game controllers more and more developers will be updating their iOS games to support them.

In addition to iOS devices, Apple TV users can also use their console game controllers with their Apple TVs and play tvOS games with them.

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