Ikea Will Let You See How Furniture Looks In Your Home With Apple’s ARKit

Thanks to ARKit, Augmented Reality is going to be a big feature of iOS 11 and more importantly the upcoming iPhone 8. Apple announced its Augmented Reality plans with an enthusiastic on-stage demo. It also announced Ikea, the Swedish furniture company as one of its launch partners. It seems like Ikea is equally excited about the positive prospects of Apple’s Augmented Reality on its business.

Ikea’s digital transformation manager Michael Valdsgaard recently told Swedish website Digital.di (via 9to5Mac) that his company plans on using AR to help users make ‘reliable buying decision’ by using their mobile device to see how a furniture item looks in their home before making a purchase. Valdsgaard notes that Ikea’s Augmented Reality app will have existing and new products right after they are launched. At launch he says their app will have 5-600 products.

He also praised the Augmented Reality technology Apple has added to iOS 11 noting that it is so good that “positioning of products will be ‘millimeter precise” and renders will have accurate sizes and lightning.

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Ikea’s AR integration will not be limited to demo purposes however, as users will soon be able to go to Ikea stores, find products they like and see how they look by virtually placing them in their homes. If they like a product they will have the option to add it to their shopping card on the e-commerce website.

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