Hackers from ripBigBoss hack Insanelyi Forum, leak user details

KimJongCracks ripInsanelyi

Just a few days ago we told you about ripBigBoss hack, which resulted in the creation of a piracy repo hosting all of BigBoss repo’s packages. The hackers behind that attack were Kim-Jong Cracks, who have decided to continue their trend of disrupting the jailbreak community as they are back with yet another hack. This time around they have hacked the forum database of infamous pirate repo Insanelyi, leaking the details of all of its forum members. The leaked details can be found on this page.

According to Kim-Jong Cracks’ Twitter feed they have hacked the usernames, emails and passwords of Insanelyi members. Unexpectedly they are calling this hack ripInsanelyi.

Insanelyi has acknowledged the leak and has advised its Forum members to change their passwords.

Seems the guys behind ripbigboss decided to hack us as well (shady bastards).

Please change your forum password as they have posted a copy of the full member table on the internet.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

If you have ever signed up for Insanelyi’s Forums then it is advisable that you change your password as soon as possible, not only on the hacked forum but elsewhere as well, incase you were using the same password in other places.

At this point it is unclear whether the database leak is limited to the forums or the repository has been hacked as well. We will keep you posted as we gather more information on this.

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