Locaate makes finding businesses on iPhone easier

As we have mostly completed the transition of moving our web searches from desktop computers to mobile devices it has become important to have the right sources at your disposal. There are many applications and web apps that let you quickly find businesses around your area. Joining them is a new business directory service called Locaate. What makes Locaate so good is its responsive design, which works on all screen sizes. So if you are using the web service on your iPhone, iPad or Mac you can find the relevant information without even downloading their app.

Locaate business directory

So what exactly can you locate on this service you might be wondering. Well the answer is simple, anything that comes to your mind is listed on this website from doctors to restaurants, telecommunication companies to cleaning companies, from plumbers to app development companies they have got everything. You can check out their opening and closing times, see reviews and star based ratings given to businesses by other users, get contact details and more. You can also write a review for any business on the website.

Locaate is a crowd sourced service so the data is added to it by businesses who want to get listed. Of course many people prefer having a native app rather than using a web service, and that is why the team behind Locaate plans to release an app for iOS and other popular mobile platforms in the near future.

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